ArtsWestchester: UX/UI Redesign

ArtsWestchester Webiste


As the largest non-profit service organization in the state of NY, ArtsWestchester works to provide access to the arts in Westchester County, NY. 

As the website manager, I spearheaded the redesign project of the website, implemented responsive design, and improved the overall experience for 10,000 unique users and 130 content contributors.

With careful consideration of our end users, I created a design that would assist county residents in accessing content easily and effectively. I also designed an intuitive user interface that allowed for multiple users with different access levels to easily contribute content.

To increase ease of use, I created an information architecture that was designed to the unique needs of each user type, including discrete IA design for residents and content contributors. Following the development of the IA, I created wire frames, interface design, and managed the process of conducting meetings on the user experience to ensure we were meeting user needs.

I worked closely with the development team at the Tadpole Collective to build this robust and dense Wordpress site.    

Mobile Wireframes
Mobile Wireframes

Mobile Wires

This site was designed at the very inception of responsive design implementation. Therefore, I started thinking about the UX solution from a mobile first approach at the outset of the project.

Desktop Wireframes
Affiliate Desktop Wireframe

Desktop Wireframes

I created medium fidelity wireframes to explain the general direction and to get feedback for the project from stakeholders. Once stakeholders agreed on the layout, I implemented brand styles to the UI.