Black011 App: UX/UI Redesign

Application Home Interface


The Black011 app is designed to make it easy and effortless for users to call internationally, without having to purchase additional calling cards, and it allows them to dial in directly through the app, without having to enter international calling codes.

I spearheaded a redesign of the app to add enhanced functionality for 50,000 users. I built upon an existing framework to add additional features, including transactions through the app.

Staying true to the brand, I created a new design that gives a much needed update to key features, making them easier to understand and the app easier to navigate. I created an interface that allows users to call favorites directly from their lists, and makes it painless to get in touch with people they call the most. 

As a designer, I always consider the user experience as the most important factor when I make design decisions. With this in mind, I always start by planning with sketches and wireframes.  

App Wireframes
App Wireframes


I created wireframes for this app to address the primary and secondary needs of users. First and foremost, my goal was to make it simple and easy for users to call abroad through this interface, and second, to process transactions, such as adding funds to third-party calling accounts.

Address Book UI
Call Info UI
International Top Up UI
Credit Card Information UI

User Interface Design

Once I addressed all the functional needs of the users in the wireframes, I implemented the brand’s look and feel to bring the design to life and to assist the development team in creating the app.