Center for Nurses: The Winning Pitch

Mobile First Interface


The Center for Nurses is a Celgene portal of information, bridging several existing and new web properties for oncology nurses, that offers information on different types of diseases.

I was tasked with reimagining the user experience for the new content hub for nurses. I was responsible for creating an infrastructure that could be scalable across several web properties and varying disease states. 

The digital strategy team and I conducted some preliminary market research to gather a better understanding of nurses' emotional needs throughout their workday.  This research informed us of their needs and desires for content that supports them and their patients. 

I started with pen and paper sketches to ideate on the best mobile navigation practices and moved to high fidelity wireframes on Sketch. 

I handed off the wireframes and initial ideas to the art directors and copywriters, and continued to ideate with the team to create a powerful presentation that won the agency new business for several years thereafter. 

credit: Unsplash

credit: Unsplash

User Research and Findings

I worked with the digital strategy team and used a third party vendor to gather more information about the emotional needs of nurses.

The research revealed that nurses have a heavy psychological and emotional load, since they are dealing with so many patients with terminal diseases. They have to balance clinical information while imparting a sense of dignity and hope to their patients.

The research also told us that nurses are very busy going between patients and need to access information quickly and during care. Using these findings, I created a mobile experience that would meet the nurses’ needs.

Mobile Wireframes

Starting from a mobile-first approach, I created the user experience to address the nurses’ need to find content easily while consulting with the patients and in between consultations.

Mobile Wireframe

Desktop Wireframes

Desktop Wireframes

The user research revealed that nurses had an unmet need for content that helped them navigate the emotional load of caring for terminally ill patients. With this information, I created a home page that would easily give them access to resources to ease those burdens.

Presenting the Winning Idea

As part of the pitch team, I presented and explained our user experience design decisions to the Celgene clients, who found our research very telling and our solutions exceptional and current.

Annotated UI