Mango Mobile: Complete Product Design

Mango Mobile


Mango Mobile is a wireless provider that gives users month-to-month service options that are affordable and flexible.

As the lead designer of this multi-million dollar brand, I was responsible for leading a small team to create not only the look and feel of the physical product but also the user experience and the user interface of the Mango Mobile consumer site.

I conducted competitive analysis to determine key features that I would need to include in the product design. From the research findings, I created the information architecture and sketched and wire-framed ideas for key elements of the user experience of the new website.

After this process, I met with stakeholders to ensure that user scenarios and user flows were well defined so that I could start to create the user interface. I worked very closely with the developers and programmers to create the prototype with Bootstrap. 

I designed a mobile-ready site that is clean, clear, and consistent with design and message.

Site Map.png

Information Architecture

After gathering insights and research, I started by creating the information architecture necessary to support the content needed for the users.

Shopping Cart Wireframe
My Account Home Wireframe
Payment and Billing Wireframe
My Account Payments and Recharge Confirmation Wireframe


After sketching initial ideas, I created medium fidelity wireframes to address the user interactions in more detail.