OTEZLA Pro Website


OTEZLA Pro is a website dedicated to providing information to rheumatologists and dermatologists about the OTEZLA drug.

I led the UX design at GSW (formerly Palio), and changed the archaic architecture of  OTEZLA'S professional website to make content readily accessible to practitioners.

I revamped the existing website by taking a fresh approach to the navigation. I worked collaboratively with the copy, art, and developer team to created a prototype in InVision that we used to conduct usability testing. After testing some assumptions, the team and I made adjustments to color contrast and positioning of tabs to make content easily discoverable.

I removed the cognitive load and made it easier for doctors and their staff to find much needed content about the product.

Site Map

Reconstructing the Information Architecture

I reorganized the content and opted to include multiple ways to get to select content on the site. I took this approach because doctors’ needs and goals can be different at different times, depending on their patients’ journey with OTEZLA.

Mobile Wireframes

From the analytics, I understood that doctors had difficulty finding important content to make an informed decision on the effectiveness of the drug. I redesigned the mobile navigation to allow for easy access to content.

New Mobile Navigation

Desktop Wireframes

Desktop Wireframes

I used the solutions in these wireframes as a starting point, and working closely with the visual art team, I created prototypes in InVision to assist with user testing.

User Testing

I worked closely with the art directors to create mockups that would feel as natural as the live site. Once I had the artwork, I placed it in InVision and built the interactions necessary to test our assumptions.

OTEZLA Protoype